“Triple Crown of Quality”
Sweet Green Fields has led the stevia industry to ensure product quality. Each year SGF conducts rigorous third party quality audits including: NSF, AIB and SQF.

Sweet Green Fields is the leading choice for natural, healthy sweetener solutions with over ten years of stevia development, committed to research and science-based results grounded in nature, health and wellness.


<div class='widget-texture'>Agriculture</div>

SGF leverages our US based crop science to produce superior quality and among the lowest RA leaf cost in the world through leading practices and innovation in plant breeding, growing and harvesting. Our stevia extracts are high quality and competitively priced as a result of the investment in our supply chain.

Product R&D

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From field science to food science, our team behind the quality sweeteners at SGF is no accident and evolved with careful deliberation for what our customers see as the best stevia supplier in the industry. Our passion for research is developing a healthier choice for natural, good tasting sweeteners.

Product Application

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Our high quality stevia extracts and proprietary formulations support creating better food and beverage products for today’s health conscious consumer – providing better cost, better taste, and superior value. For companies seeking stevia solutions for great tasting, healthy products, SGF is the natural choice.