SteviAroma™: 3D Synchronization Delivers Great Sugar-like Taste for Your Products

3D Synchronizer flavor, SteviAroma™, addresses the taste challenges of sugar-reduced food and beverages: lack of mouthfeel and unbalanced flavor and acidity.

SteviAroma™ synchronizes the perception of mouthfeel, flavor, acidity and sweetness, which improves the overall taste.

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  • Flavor

  • Mouthfeel

  • Taste

  • Flavor

  • Mouthfeel

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Enhanced sweetness, quickening upfront sweetness, shortening lingering
Entwining with taste profile, enhancing taste perception
Full-bodied mouthfeel
Win in go-to-market speed
Great Taste = Synchronized Time-intensity Profile
Sample Base: Sugar-free flavored drink
SEV: 9%
Regular sugar-free solution:
high intensity sweetener + thickener
Sensory evaluation
Non-pairing of sweetness, acidity and flavor perception
Short flavor persistence
Obvious linger
Our recommended sugar-free solution:
high intensity sweetener + thickener + SteviAroma™
Sensory evaluation
Harmonized perception of sweetness, acidity and flavor
Enhanced and extended flavor
Control: full-sugar solution
Sensory evaluation
Harmonized perception of sweetness, acidity and flavor
The time-intensity profile of our recommended sugar-free formulation is almost identical to that of the full-sugar sample, ensuring that our solution delivers a sugar-like taste.
SteviAroma™ Product Portfolio
SteviAroma™ portfolio consists of five variants. Each product has outstanding performance in the recommended food & beverage categories. SteviAroma™ can be used in many more categories: confectionary, baking goods and so forth. Consult SGF representative and your regional regulatory specialist for more advice.
SteviAroma™ 100CLC
Near-water drinks, Flavored water
SteviAroma™ 200TE
Juice-based beverages, Orange-flavored products
SteviAroma™ 100HY
Alcoholic beverages
SteviAroma™ 100CL
Carbonated beverages, Energy drinks
SteviAroma™ 100PN
Yogurt, Milk products, Plant-based dairy drinks, Protein shakes
Formulate with Stevia
SteviAroma™ modifies the taste of high intensity sweeteners (HIS). You can use SteviAroma™ with stevia to create a great-tasting natural formulation for different sugar reduction goals.
SteviAroma™ + 600ppm Intesse® Stevia
SteviAroma™ + 400ppm Intesse® Stevia
SteviAroma™ + 150ppm Optimizer Stevia™ 2.10

Intesse® Stevia and Optimizer Stevia™ 2.10 are stevia specialties of Sweet Green Fields.

Maximum usage level of SteviAroma™ in US and other FEMA-compliant countries:

SteviAroma™ 100HY/100PN-120ppm, 100CL-160ppm, 200TE-110ppm, 100CLC-140ppm

Lower Your Sugar Reduction Cost

SteviAroma™ with HIS delivers cost-savings in sugar-reduced beverages.

Most cost savings can be achieved in countries with a higher sugar tax.

Regulatory Status
SteviAroma™ is labeled as a natural flavor where FEMA GRAS flavors are accepted. SteviAroma™ is labeled as a flavoring in the EU. Check with your internal regulatory department for labeling guidance.
Great Taste
Clean Label
Low Cost-in-use
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SGF’s R&D team has discovered a taste optimization breakthrough in sugar reduction, utilizing commonly unused components of the stevia leaf. The product is SteviAroma™, an FMP delivering a synergistic harmonization of taste, aroma, and mouthfeel.
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