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Smart Spending

Reducing sugar without increasing budget

Everyone wants natural best-tasting stevia products; however, it is key to balance cost and deliver value-for-money to customers.

  • Cost-effective sugar-reduction solutions

    We understand that several active compounds including steviol glycosides are present in the stevia leaf. From there, we developed sweeteners and flavors by utilizing the synergy of different compounds and using optimized processes that result in cost-effective solutions. We make possible the reduction in the cost of sucrose through the use of stevia.

  • Fast go-to-market

    The extraordinary performance of our proprietary products and our formulation service enables food and beverage manufacturers to complete the formulation or reformulation process within a significantly shortened time, thus saving product development cost and gaining the first-mover advantage.

  • Optimized supply chain

    With more than ten years of proprietary agricultural research resulting in optimized stevia plant development, SGF strives to lower the cost of producing stevia leaves that highly impacts the cost of stevia sweeteners and flavors. Our proprietary plants deliver higher commercially-desired glycoside levels - enabling SGF to successfully compete on both quality and price levels in the global stevia market place.

  • RA20+

    An alternative stevia extract (TSG≥95%) that replaces RA50 to RA60 with higher cost-effectiveness. Ideal stevia extract for tabletop sweeteners with good solubility.

  • SteviAroma

    Providing unique sugar like sweetness with no lingering bitterness or licorice aftertaste in a Diet or high sugar replacement.

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