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Achieving this when reducing sugar

Sugar plays many roles. Sugar-reduced beverages using high-intensity sweeteners usually taste watered-down. A good sugar reduction formulation is not just about the sugar taken out, but what is used to replace it to maintain the same sweetness, as well as the mouthfeel. Studies showed that an increase in texture generally leads to a decrease in perceived intensity of sourness and bitterness. Appropriate mouthfeel improves the palatability of food and beverages.

  • We discovered that certain substances from stevia leaves contribute mouthfeel in addition to sweetness. The products in our portfolio of natural flavors are developed to address the needs for sugar reduction but not at the expense of full-bodied mouthfeel and even the aroma of sugar. We take you closer to the full sensory experience of sugar.

    We expand our research beyond steviol glycosides and introduce SteviAroma, 3D perceptional synchronizer, that improves the holistic sensory performance of HIS by elevating the sweetness perception, supplying mouthfeel and modifying the flavor and aroma. SteviAroma is synergistic with HIS in all general food and beverage applications, which also contributes to clean label and budget maximization.

  • Intesse® Stevia X

    Customized sweetening solution for dairy and cereal products. Intesse® Stevia X is a stevia-based combination of sweetener and flavor, intensifying the sweetness up to 10% SEV and enhancing the milk flavor that exists in the formulation.

  • ThauMagic

    A flavor and taste modulator developed from SteviAroma. It removes the bitterness and astringency of high intensity sweeteners and round up the taste. Create great synergy with stevia extracts.

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