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Great Tasting Sweeteners and Flavors Infusing
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Consumers are increasingly health-conscious and discerning when it comes to food and beverages - they expect that great taste should not be compromised. Creating a stevia-based sweetener or flavor that mimics the taste of sugar has been our ultimate goal - a hard-sought quality in the industry.

  • Formulation expertise

    SGF partners with Tate & Lyle, a world-leading special food ingredients supplier. Together, we assist customers to deliver an overall great taste-balancing texture and flavor while achieving the goal of sugar reduction. Our strong technical expertise includes beverages, dairy, sauces, soups and dressings.

  • Consistent good quality and manufacturing excellence

    SGF’s commitment to quality is unrivalled. We go the extra mile to ensure product safety, taste, and consistency. We deliver quality you can trust. And we continually innovate our manufacturing techniques that makes the processing cleaner and more efficient, resulting in natural products of higher cost-efficiencies.

  • In-depth knowledge of stevia components, not only steviol glycosides

    At SGF, our dedicated food science team has a singular focus on taste. Many years of accumulated knowledge of stevia and patented process experiences allow us to rely on science to create better products. This has revealed the taste attributes of individual stevia glycosides, so we can better understand the role of each in creating superior tasting formulations. And our knowledge has gone beyond steviol glycosides into compounds in stevia leaf that contribute to mouthfeel and aroma, in addition to sweetness.

  • Seed to sweetener & flavor

    SGF is an undisputed industry leader in building a fully integrated stevia supply chain. Our world-class extraction operation begins from plant breeding, propagating, growing to harvesting stevia.

    Great taste derives from greater raw material. Our proprietary varieties that are rich in the desired steviol glycosides and compounds are the foundation for our great-tasting product portfolio. 

  • Intesse® Stevia 2.0

    Intesse® Stevia 2.0 is naturally extracted from stevia leaves. The combination of certain steviol glycosides at a specific ratio delivers a clean, sweet taste without lingering bitterness, even at high usage levels reaching up to 8 Brix.

  • ThauMagic

    A flavor and taste modulator developed from SteviAroma. It removes the bitterness and astringency of high intensity sweeteners and round up the taste. Creates great synergy with stevia extracts.

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