Sweet Green Fields believe that in order to perpetuate sustainability it is paramount to treat our people, resources, environment and community as our most precious assets. In order to care for and protect our assets, SGF has built its sustainability strategy around three areas of stewardship: sustainable agriculture, supply chain management and social responsibility.

sustainable_ag-August_2013-5554SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURE

As a leader in the commercialization of stevia crops, Sweet Green Fields consider Good Agriculture Practices (GAP) to be sustainable farm practices implemented to produce a quality crop while protecting and enhancing the environment with regard to soil, water, air, animal and plant life for the long term.

We also believe that Good Agriculture Practices and their implementation must ensure economic viability at each stage of the supply chain and a safe working environment for all of those directly involved in the production and handling of the crop.

Another way SGF embraces sustainability is by working with farmers to utilize existing farmland to grow complementary crops. We apply science and engineering knowhow to modify existing harvesting and drying equipment to remove excessive manufacturing and waste.

  • Land Resource management – SGF utilizes existing infrastructure to minimize environmental impact of crop expansion.
  • Water management – compared with growing sugar cane, SGF stevia agricultural growing practices uses less than 3% of the water that would be used for a pound of sugar.
  • Soil conservation-SGF grows crops without the use of harsh chemicals for weed and pest control.
  • Efficient farming practices – In collaboration with our farming partners, SGF has developed efficient protocols from seed production to transplanting, irrigation and harvesting methods to maximize yield and minimize waste.

supply_chain_management-August_2013-5554SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT

Applied sustainability is mission critical to how Sweet Green Fields operates internally and equally important in how we select and collaborate with our eco-friendly supply chain partners.

What does applied sustainability mean? At its most basic level it reflects how employees think and act daily to reduce our carbon footprint by switching off lights, machinery and telecommuting or teleconferencing when possible.

SGF’s patented Fast Precipitation Process (FPP) extraction method combined with local growing and extracting operations enables SGF to react quickly to business demand changes and therefore removes supply chain inefficiency and over production. The result is lower required inputs of water and energy, fewer emissions and waste.

  • Minimizing our carbon footprint – locally grown crops and extraction reduce carbon footprint.
  • Energy utilization
  • Minimal use of processing aids – natural ethanol derived from fermented yams, reclaimed solvents.
  • Certified USDA Organic extraction
  • Reusable & recyclable packaging

future_generations-600pSOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY

Sustainability is based the belief that we operate responsibly to meet current market needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Stewardship of human resources includes consideration of social responsibilities such as consumer health both in what we make as well as the working and living conditions of labor talent in our farming and manufacturing practices.

At SGF, we consider the present and the future in the role we play in serving the needs of rural communities where we partner with local farmers. We are also most passionate in creating healthy natural product which provide a positive impact to curb global health trends showing increasing rates of obesity and diabetes. In our social responsibilities we are committed to:

  • Our People, farmers, laborers
  • Healthy products for healthy living
  • Community and Outreach
  • Non-GMO Verified


  • Energy saving lighting
  • Natural ethanol (from yams)
  • Solvent is re-used
  • Spent leaf to farmers – feed for livestock
  • Waste water from our process is treated on-site. This water is utilized in our own cooling system to reduce energy usage & irrigating landscaped areas.
  • Waste paper is recycled
  • Cinder from coal fired boilers is supplied to the brick industry
  • Energy saving transformers – reduce factory energy losses
  • SGFs packaging is made from reusable and recyclable materials


  • Our relentless dedication to quality ensures virtually no product defect and returns.