Stevia leaf extractor rotary equipment


SGF is a world leader in stevia manufacturing with state of the art facilities staffed with a highly educated, trained and dedicated work-force. We offer extensive stevia extraction experience with manufacturing capacity to meet global demands.

With over 10 years in process research and technology, SGF developed and was granted a USA patent for a highly efficient extraction method known as Fast Precipitation Process (FPP). This Fast Precipitation Process (FPP) is 33% to 50% faster for improved cost efficiency over conventional industry processes. SGF’s extraction method innovation led to additional “product patents” on Reb-A with 98.7% purity and above granted in some markets (AUS, NZ, Canada) while its prosecution continues globally.

Stevia production laboratory

SGF has also developed a series of advanced process techniques that allow the company to produce a full spectrum of proprietary steviol glycosides compositions. With these premium products, SGF serves our customers the best tasting stevia sweeteners that meet the highest the expectation for the taste of stevia available in the market. SGF’s production expertise provides customers with freedom to operate to bring products to market in a time-efficient and cost-effective manner.

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Dedication to product quality and consistency is core to SGF’s manufacturing principles. We help protect your brand by fully meeting regulatory obligations “beyond the paperwork.” What does this mean exactly? SGF provides customers with unparalleled quality assurance to minimize risk through our broad-based use of leading regulatory compliance experts. We introduced the industry’s first “Triple Crown of Quality” with annual third party audits from NSF, AIB and SQF. In addition, SGF has been audited and approved by many of the world’s largest food and beverage companies.

To ensure product consistency, SGF follows a rigorous positive release program designed to meet the highest standards of product expectations.




SGF is a founding member of the International Stevia Council (ISC) and participates in the Proficiency Testing Program (PTP) to confirm conformance.

SGF delivers with the ability to meet any supply and demand while adhering to the company’s high purity standards and control.

  • Extraction has Fully GMP compliant QA programs
  • GMP, NSF, AIB and SQF credentials at the highest level
  • Third party validation on all product specs
  • Use of industry recognized standards to test against
  • Kosher
  • Halal
  • USDA Organic
  • Non-GMO Verified

SGF delivers unrivaled supply chain trust and transparency. Our customers can tour our crops, both conventional and organic to ensure validate quality. We offer the only U.S. extraction facility, providing additional trust and governance of our ability to fully deliver on our product claims and quality.

SGF is dedicated to the safety of our customers, our workers, communities and the environment. SGF goes the extra mile with quality, compliance and certification marks you can rely and depend on.

Compliance and certification marks