Sweet Green Fields has invested in stevia agriculture in the United States and has been breeding and growing its own proprietary stevia varieties in a commercial setting in the world for more than a decade.

Sweet Green Fields is recognized as the industry leader for stevia crops and is proud to work with farmers, creating jobs and providing new opportunities for agricultural communities.


One of SGF’s founders and current research and development partners is the Hawaii Agriculture Research Center (HARC), with more than 100 years of sweetener growing and processing experience. This partnership allows SGF to utilize HARC world class facilities and to constantly innovate new agricultural methods of growing and processing stevia. SGF maintains active independent research projects studying and developing agronomic practices around the world.


Sweet Green Field’s ten plus years of proprietary agriculture research has resulted in hundreds of breeding lines, selections and accessions forming the foundation of our stevia variety development program.

SGF continues to optimize stevia plant development, our germplasm inventory includes a variety of plants yielding high total glycoside levels, including Reb A (Rebaudioside A) plants with 80 to 90 percent Reb A content – 20% higher than the Industry standard for Reb A levels.


As an agricultural leader, SGF will continue to expand and develop our global grower network along with our research partners technologies to ensure supply chain security with a strong commitment to FAO GAP principles to ensure sustainability and high quality stevia supply to meet the demands of our customers.


We are all about agriculture innovation, sustainability and efficiency, from seed development to harvesting practices. We are all about natural – all our plants are Non-GMO. We stand for agricultural excellence, sustainability, transparency and trust.



It’s all about trust and protecting your brand. A 2013 report published by U.S. Pharmacopeia warned the FDA and food manufacturers that the amount of food fraud they found was up by 60% in 2012. Our mission is to provide you with a transparent and reliable supply chain, one that helps build consumer confidence in your brand. One way to build consumer confidence in your brand is to offer our customers a locally grown stevia option.

After harvesting the crops, the stevia gets transported to the purification process.