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Sweet Green Fields is one of the leading global innovators of stevia leaf extracts. Sweet Green Fields' focus on innovation began in 1999 with the creation of improved stevia varieties through an extensive plant breeding program. This early establishment of proprietary stevia leaf has enabled Sweet Green Fields' commitment to its "taste the extraordinary" program, pursuing the goal of creating the most sugar-like taste from stevia leaf. SGF's broad stevia-based product portfolio meets customer's demand from all consumer perspectives: taste, low or zero calorie, cost and sustainability. 

Following three years of partnership with Tate & Lyle PLC, a leading global provider of food and beverage ingredients, SGF sold the remaining equity in its business to Tate & Lyle in December 2020. 


Jack Shi


Dean Francis


Shanyuan Dai

Chief Operation Officer

Mel Jackson

Chief Science Officer

James McMurtry

Chief Financial Officer

Michael Quin

Senior Vice President of Sales, NOAM

Jay Helsing

Vice President of Sales, EMEA, APAC and LATAM

Shasha Yu

Marketing Director


Two generations have devoted themselves to the business of stevia and sugar reduction. The values of Sweet Green Fields have always been rooted in trust, passion and commitment.

These roots encourage us to treat customers like family with equality, integrity and transparency. We solve their challenges, protect their values and nourish a long partnership that goes into many years and generations.


We strongly believe that our value lies in the benefits we create for all people in our supply chain - from farmers to consumers in the whole process, from stevia seeds to the final product that is our sweetener. We innovate in key areas of our value chain:

  • From agricultural research, we breed the best stevia varieties and relay them to farmers with an ability to trace source and rationalize cost.

  • Our product innovation is extraordinarily taste-driven.

  • We rely on our extraction and operation expertise to guarantee the highest quality.

  • Intellectual property adequately provides us and our customers the ability to differentiate from the ordinary.



    April 1999

    Founder Bill Francis and Sweet Aloha Farms started their work on stevia by developing a patented method of extracting high purity Reb-A as well as breeding stevia plants with a far greater amount of Reb-A.


    April 2007

    Sweet Green Fields was founded in Bellingham, Washington USA. The focus turned to commercializing the stevia technology and selling our stevia products to the world.


    April 2015

    Sweet Green Fields and its supplier Zhejiang Green World officially merged to not only create one of the world’s most innovative stevia companies, but also one of the largest, privately-held, fully-integrated stevia ingredient companies. The new company’s primary focus is “Extraordinary Tasting stevia products” and as such has developed an exceptional new product portfolio that enables food and beverage companies to create great-tasting consumer products.


    April 2017

    Sweet Green Fields entered into an exclusive partnership with Tate & Lyle to further deliver innovative stevia ingredients and solutions to customers around the world. Leaders in stevia-based sweetening solutions come together to provide food and beverage manufacturers with innovative, label-friendly options that meet increasing global consumer demand.


    April 2018

    Sweet Green Fields received investment from Tate & Lyle to further expand R&D innovation and supply chain.


    Sweet Green Fields Copyright Reserved.


    Sweet Green Fields Copyright Reserved.