Sweet Green Fields Makes the “Companies to Watch” List at IFT18

Aug 05, 2018

(BELLINGHAM, WASH.) – 23 July 2018 – Sweet Green Fields (SGF), a leading global innovator of stevia leaf extracts, achieved a great success at IFT2018 Food Expo held in Chicago just a few days ago. SGF made the list of the “Companies to Watch” for IFT 2018 (Chicago) where the company’s three new stevia products – Intesse™ Stevia 2.0, Optimizer Stevia™ 4.10 and Zolesse™ Natural Flavor – made their debut.

IFT Food Expo provides a great platform for food manufacturers to see the latest scientific and technological achievements of the industry. IFT18 welcomed more than 23,000 attendees at this years’ expo. The “Companies to Watch” list is a group of companies that CNS Media recommends attendees to visit because of their unique offerings at the tradeshow.

During the show, Sweet Green Fields introduced its new product launches—Optimizer Stevia™ 4.10, Intesse™ Stevia 2.0 and Zolesse™ Natural Flavor. SGF’s beverage, dairy and sauce samples, using the three new stevia extracts received overwhelming positive feedback from our customers for their great clean taste without any typical stevia off-flavors.

Developed for low to medium sugar replacement use, Optimizer Stevia™ 4.10, the new addition to the Optimizer Stevia™ product range, continues to deliver on the Optimizer promise of great taste and better solubility at a lower cost, in this case helping customers to migrate from RA99-RA100 to achieve a preferred clean taste with less lingering. The full Optimizer Stevia™ range out-performs their comparable highly pure RA 95-RA100 stevia extracts.

Intesse™ Stevia 2.0 carries the same great sweet taste as Intesse™ Stevia, without the lingering bitterness even in an 8 Brix high sugar reduction application. Intesse™ Stevia 2.0 is impressive with its 20% reduced cost and enhanced solubility for syrup and concentrate manufacturing. Tasters commented that the Sweet BBQ sauce sample shown with Intesse™ Stevia 2.0 inclusion was as good as a full sugar product.

Zolesse™ Natural Flavor is a FEMA GRAS natural sweetening enhancing flavor. It is synergistic with stevia, monk fruit and sugar applications in food and beverages. Zolesse™ Natural Flavor is labeled as “natural flavor” on pack, which provides a sweet spot for brands with a clean label claim.

“We want to thank our customers and visitors for making IFT18 SGF’s best annual event. Sweet Green Fields will continue to create the best-tasting stevia sweetening solutions that bring down the cost-in-use and allow more applications and deeper sugar reduction in food and beverages.” said Dean Francis, CEO at Sweet Green Fields, “We look forward to meeting our friends and new faces at IFT19 where we plan to display more innovative product offerings.”

About Sweet Green Fields

Sweet Green Fields is one of the leading global innovators of stevia leaf extracts. Sweet Green Fields’ focus on innovation began in 1999 with the creation of improved stevia varieties through an extensive plant breeding program. This early establishment of proprietary stevia leaf has enabled Sweet Green Fields’ commitment to its “taste the extraordinary” program, pursuing the goal of creating the most sugar-like taste from stevia leaf. SGF’s broad product portfolio of stevia extracts meets customer’s demand from all consumer perspectives: taste, low or zero calorie, cost and sustainability.


Sweet Green Fields Copyright Reserved.


Sweet Green Fields Copyright Reserved.