Sweet Green Fields to Introduce New Stevia-Based Products to SHIFT the Understanding of Stevia as a Sugar Replacer on SHIFT20

July 09, 2020

(BELLINGHAM, WASH.) – 09, July 2020 – Sweet Green Fields (SGF), a leading innovative producer of stevia leaf based sweeteners and flavors, will be meeting tradeshow attendees online at SHIFT20 July 13-15, 2020, a virtual expo of IFT20, and will be exchanging our ideas on great-tasting sugar-reduction solutions as we have done previously. This year Sweet Green Fields will debut our five new stevia sweeteners and taste modulation solutions that help formulators to cut down sugar and restore the sweetness, mouthfeel, and flavor found in a full-sugar formulation. On July 13, our experts will be well-positioned to start an on-line conference call if you are interested in communicating with us on dealing with sugar reduction challenges. You can leave us a message at

Food and beverage innovation continues uninterrupted at most food companies. Innovative products that demonstrably deliver new benefits will be even more advantageous than usual according to a F&B industry study. Consumer demand for “better-for-you” food and beverages is flourishing due to incremental health consciousness. As sugar becomes more central to the health debate its reduction is key for many consumers and a reformulation driver for manufacturers. The key trends in sugar reduction are helping manufacturers deliver new indulgences that go “beyond sweetness”. To that end, the five new products of Sweet Green Fields to be launched enable food and beverage manufacturers to produce sugar-reduced products that taste just like full sugar. 

INTESSE® STEVIA X is an ideal sugar reduction solution for dairy and other protein containing beverages. It is a stevia-based combination of sweetener and flavor, intensifying the sweetness up to 10% sugar equivalence and enhancing the creamy flavor, inherent aroma and mouthfeel in milk based drinks and yogurts. In 50% sugar reduced non-fat yogurt it reduces bitterness, linger and improves overall liking compared with full-sugar counterparts.

M2 STEVIA is a state-of-the-art sugar replacement up to 100%. An innovative solution for diet applications with balanced sweetness intensity and mouthfeel. It is a blend of stevia sweetener and flavors creating similar mouthfeel and overall sugar like temporal profile. Suitable for beverage concentrates as well as sauces and syrups. In diet tea, it delivers more favorable taste with less sweet linger and identical overall liking compared to its counterparts using RM.

DOLCESSA STEVIA significantly enhances mouthfeel in medium sugar reduction beverage applications with similar attributes to sugar. It is a blend of steviol glycosides and flavor, a cost effective mid-range sugar replacement contributing mouthfeel, also suitable for beverages concentrates and syrups. In 50% reduced sugar cola it offers more palatable taste with increase sugar-like mouthfeel. 

OPTIMIZER STEVIA® M is a cost-effective taste profile similar to Reb M- that starts with stevia leaf extract. It is an optimized blend of Reb M and other steviol glycosides, suitable for general food and beverages that aim to 50%-100% sugar reduction. In citrus lime water, compared with traditional RA97 stevia, OPTIMIZER STEVIA® M delivers less bitter taste and dramatically reduces the harsh astringency and increases overall liking.

Natrose Flavor® 2.0 is a glucosyl steviol glycosides, labeled as natural flavor, catering to clean label demand. It has a clean taste and balanced flavor enhancement by enhancing flavor and sweetness perception, reducing bitterness and linger in food and beverages. It has great synergy with other sweeteners, for example, stevia sweeteners and monk fruit sweeteners. 

In addition, SGF also provides Flavor Modulation Products (FMP) for various sugar reduction demand. SteviAroma delivers a synergic harmonization of taste, aroma and mouthfeel that improves the overall taste profile in sugar-reduced applications. ThauMagic is an intensive version of SteviAroma ideal for diet applications and higher sugar replacement. TasteAroma enhances the freshness and juiciness in fruit flavored food and beverages and dramatically cuts sweet linger usually caused by the use of high intensity sweeteners. Thaumatin is extracted from Katemfe fruit that enhances creamy flavor and mouthfeel, which is especially suitable for sugar-reduced beverages containing milk or dairy.

To learn how you can achieve sugar reduction in your products while maintaining great taste and mouthfeel and balancing health register for SHIFT20 now and start an online conference call with our experts!


Sweet Green Fields Copyright Reserved.


Sweet Green Fields Copyright Reserved.