SGF Presented SteviAroma™, 3D Synchronizer Flavor at Clean Label Conference 2020

April 22, 2020

(BELLINGHAM, WASH.) – 21, April 2020 – Sweet Green Fields (SGF), a leading innovative producer of stevia leaf based sweeteners and flavors, presented SteviAroma™ at the Clean Label Conference 2020 planned to take place in Itasca Illinois on March 25th. Due to COVID-19 pandemic, the in-person event has shifted to a virtual forum providing Food and Beverages developers with online access to the cutting-edge research findings, technologies and new ingredients presented by the scientists and leading suppliers of the industry.Designed for sugar-reduced products, the 3D Synchronizer flavor-- SteviAroma™ -- enables no/low sugar food and drinks to deliver "real sugar-like taste" by synchronizing the temporal perception of sweetness, acidity and flavor in the formulation. Click here to get full knowledge of how SteviAroma™ works.

Mel Jackson PhD, Chief Science Officer of SGF will give a technical snapshot speech about SGF’s innovative flavor, SteviAroma™. The keynote speech will also address to the challenges of sugar reduction in terms of taste and the selection of ingredients under the pressure of sugar tax.

SteviAroma™ is a series of retronasal aromas that increase consumer liking and loyalty to sugar-reduced food and beverages by fulfilling consumer’s expectation for the great taste that they instinctively associate with sugar. For centuries, we have locked the taste of sugar in our memory, no matter it stands alone or in a food or drink formulation. When our crave for the exact taste is satisfied, we feel great joy. But if we feel there’s something wrong with the taste, we will be disappointed and turn away from the product. The current no or low-calorie sugar alternatives cannot be perceived as the same as sugar by our sensory system which consists of sensory receptors, neural pathways and parts of the brain involved in sensory perception. That’s because they just taste different, not only on the taste, but also on the aroma and mouthfeel. SteviAroma™ is the flavor that modifies the taste of sugar alternatives and replicates the role of sugar in harmonizing the overall taste from sweetness, acidity and flavor in a sugar-reduced food and beverage. Consumers don’t have to compromise on the taste of a light or diet version of food and drinks. SteviAroma™ enables consumers to feel thrilled, too, because they taste just as great as their sugary counterparts or even better.

Technical snapshot speakers are selected by the jury of the Clean Label Conference. Speakers come from leading ingredient and flavor solution providers- Sensient Flavor, DuPont, Ingredion, just to name a few. 

The Clean Label Conference, with the tagline “Sophisticated Solutions for Simplified Products”, provides insights and answers to the challenges of developing products with simple and consumer-friendly labels. Applied food science helps explain the use of emerging and multi-functional natural ingredient systems. Speakers deliver practical technical advice, as well as product trends and regulatory considerations.

About Sweet Green Fields

Sweet Green Fields is one of the leading global innovators of stevia leaf extracts. Sweet Green Fields’ focus on innovation began in 1999 with the creation of improved stevia varieties through an extensive plant breeding program. This early establishment of proprietary stevia leaf has enabled Sweet Green Fields’ commitment to its “taste the extraordinary” program, pursuing the goal of creating the most sugar-like taste from stevia leaf. SGF’s broad product portfolio of stevia extracts meets customer’s demand from all consumer perspectives: taste, low or zero calorie, cost and sustainability. 

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Sweet Green Fields Copyright Reserved.