Optimized blend of steviol glycosides. Optimizer Stevia is an ideal replacement of regular Reb A products with a purity ranging from RA80 to RA97. The regular stevia products with lower RA purity exhibit easily detectable bitterness and lingering taste. With an increase in Reb A purity, the taste improves and becomes acceptable. But the cost rises and the solubility decreases! Use Optimizer Stevia to replace the regular Reb A products in your formulation for better taste, higher solubility and lower cost.

Optimized blend of steviol glycosides. Intesse is specifically created to deliver a clean and smooth sweet taste especially at high concentration for food and beverages with deep sugar reduction goals. Intesse alone can achieve a sugar reduction of 10 SE or more and still retain a sugar like taste.

Quick sugar like upfront sweetness while providing extreme solubility. Omega is a proprietary and precise blend of superior steviol glycosides with a quick upfront sweetness and a clean finish. No lingering bitterness or licorice aftertaste in medium to high sugar replacement applications.

FEMA GRAS flavor modifier. Natrose Flavor is highly synergistic with sugar, stevia extracts and monk fruit. This flavor enhances the sweetness profile of the sweetener system in food and beverage such as a quick sweetness onset, a gentle sweetness curve and reduction in intrinsic bitter and lingering tastes.

A proprietary steviol glycosides composition expertly constructed for juice-based drinks. Dual enhances fruity flavor and taste of fruit-based drinks with clean sweetness. Dual minimizes lingering bitterness and aftertaste of most stevia extracts and delivers a superior sweet taste to juice-based drinks than any other grades of stevia.

Ultra purified rebaudioside A. Sensory studies show a superior taste profile in certain applications such as tabletop, complex beverage structures. Puresse 100 removes virtually all of the glycoside impurities resulting in a clean sweet taste.

Premium purified rebaudioside A. Altesse 99 is one of the most pure forms of RA available with no contaminants. With its sugar like sweetness and clean finish, this extract is a preferred building block for certain beverage formulations where zero calorie require a cleaner sweet taste such as soft drinks.

Standard purified rebaudioside A.  Our internal and customer sensory consistently demonstrate Sweetesse 95 & 97 to have a superior taste profile. Versatile, it can be used from baking to beverage formulations.

A proprietary composition of purified steviol glycosides. Optesse HPS is a high purity, yet flexible sweetener with superior taste and cost advantages for blending with sugar and fructose. Ideal for all sugar blended formulations from soft drinks to baked goods. The benefit of a clear sweet taste, lower calories.

A proprietary composition of purified steviol glycosides with high RA content. Optesse HPX is a high purity, yet flexible sweetener with superior taste and cost advantages when compared with the industry standard. Ideal for certain formulations with more complex flavor systems when developing a zero or very low calorie product.

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Low to midgrade rebaudioside A available as Greenesse Stevia 80, Greenesse Stevia 60 and Greenesse Stevia 50. With very consistent composition, SGF high quality, lower grade rebaudioside A products meet JECFA standard with a 95 percent total steviol glycosides. When excellent, but lower content RA extracts can be used and economics are driving the decision, this portfolio is well suited to deliver the taste and cost balance.

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