One of the Stevia industry leaders, Sweet Green Fields signs multi-year deal with Zevia to be soda Company’s sole stevia ingredient provider, using only Sweet Green Fields’ stevia grown in California

Bellingham, Wash. – March 28, 2011 – Sweet Green Fields (SGF), a leading producer of high purity stevia products, today announced it has signed a multi-year agreement to become the exclusive stevia ingredient supplier to Zevia, an all-natural, zero calorie diet soda alternative that is the best-selling soda in natural products stores nationwide. One-hundred percent of all stevia provided to Zevia will come from SGF’s new crops grown right in the U.S., which boast an unprecedentedly high Reb A yield and industry leading quality controls, while still remaining cost competitive.

“Zevia is a growing company committed to quality, and stevia is one of the key ingredients in its product, as the calorie free natural alternative to sugar and artificial sweetener,” said Mike Quin, SVP Sales & Marketing of SGF. “Therefore, Zevia sought a stevia supplier with the highest level quality controls possible, that could scale to meet increased demand, and yet also be cost-effective. They found Sweet Green Fields can deliver on all those points, and we are excited about the new partnership.”

SGF recently announced its first successful commercial stevia crop grown in the US; the plants were grown in California and boast an industry leading 80%-plus Reb A yield. Reb A is the sweet glycoside extracted from stevia plants and is highly sought after by food and beverage manufacturers as the only all natural, zero calorie sweetener available. For the past decade SGF has invested substantial resources in plant breeding research to create high yield Reb A, including those used for the US crop. Because SGF’s stevia crops yield such an unusually high Reb A content, the company is able to extract maximum quantities in a cost efficient manner, which allows SGF to maintain competitive prices within the global stevia market.

“Zevia began working with Sweet Green Fields last year and we have always been impressed by their quality product and operations,” said Paddy Spence, CEO of Zevia. “The fact that SGF now has a commercial U.S. stevia crop was very attractive, given that our consumer places high value on products that utilize locally grown ingredients.”

Zevia is the first and only brand focused on natural, zero calorie sodas and contains no artificial sweeteners, colors, flavors or preservatives. Zevia currently offers twelve great-tasting flavors and is available at Whole Foods Market, Sprouts, Sunflower Farmers Market, Henry’s, Fred Meyer, Kroger, Earth Fare and many other natural and specialty food stores and grocery stores nationwide.

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