Food & beverage manufacturers worldwide to benefit from companys innovation in experiment with natural origin alternative sugar sweeteners

Bellingham, Wash. – Nov. 5, 2015 – Sweet Green Fields Co., Ltd. (SGF), the leading global producer of premium stevia extracts, today announced the company was granted a product patent pertaining to Reb D stevia glycosides combinations – which offers customers an improved tasting stevia, particularly when combined with other steviol glycosides. Issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), SGF has patent rights in the U.S., Canada, China, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand and 32 additional European countries – expanding the company’s global intellectual property portfolio for its commercially available stevia extracts.

“Our growing Reb D patent portfolio highlights the strength of our R&D team as the leading innovator of premium stevia sweeteners,” said Dean Francis, CEO of Sweet Green Fields. “Licensing this and other patents will continue to benefit companies looking for natural origin and healthful alternative sugar sweeteners, helping the industry to deliver extraordinary-tasting products.”

With the new Reb D stevia glycoside patent completing its entire Reb D patent portfolio, SGF holds the right to blend Reb D at specific ratios with all sweeteners, not limited to steviol glycosides. In particular, this patent honors the uniqueness of the company’s premium alternative sugar sweeteners optimized with steviol glycoside containing Reb D—including SGF Dual and SGF Omega—and additional products currently in the development stage. Reb D helps SGF develop sweeteners with a 10 percent sugar equivalence that offer a quick onset of sweetness without compromising on taste.

SGF continues to innovate from field science to food science, to develop a healthier choice for natural tasting sweeteners, and in turn provide food and beverage manufacturers with high quality stevia extracts, and formulations needed to create nutritional and flavorful products for today’s health conscious consumers. To date, the company holds 30 granted patents and hundreds of pending patents across its stevia product portfolio. For more, visit

About Sweet Green Fields

Sweet Green Fields LLC is one of the largest, privately held, fully integrated global stevia ingredient companies. The company integrates the scientific model in three key areas to create extraordinarily tasting naturally sweetened stevia products : Product Development & Formulation; Agriculture Research & Development, and Extraction & Supply Chain Excellence. With a vertically integrated stevia supply chain from seed to final sweetener, Sweet Green Fields LLC markets natural sweeteners globally to food and beverage companies, and provides formulation assistance, with the ability to adjust the sweetness level to the highest and minimalist degrees. Sweet Green Fields LLC has formulated reduced sugar applications in beverages, dairy, baking and confectionary. For more information visit

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