As a result of SGF’s high Reb-A yields and continued success with its low cost agriculture program, the company can now pass significant savings to customers on high purity Reb-A

Bellingham, Wash. – August 16, 2011Sweet Green Fields (SGF), a leading producer of high purity stevia products, today announced  breakthrough stevia crop performance  resulting in world leading  glycoside and Rebaudioside-A (Reb-A) yields and breakthrough pricing.

SGF is recognized for its extensive stevia plant breeding program and high yielding Reb-A plants – key drivers to a sustainable low cost supply chain in the stevia industry. In addition to leading glycoside levels, SGF growing practices maximize Reb-A biomass per acre. The combination of high glycoside levels and optimized bio-mass is essential to position Reb-A as the cost competitive, preferred all natural, zero calorie sweetener solution.

“Our latest results in stevia crop yield equates to lower overall supply chain cost and enables SGF to offer customers lower cost on high purity Reb-A products,” shared Dean Francis, Chief Executive Officer of SGF.  “As anticipated by many customers, the pricing structure of Reb-A would become much more competitive to alternative sweetener solutions once the crop efficiency was developed; we have now achieved this efficiency, and it is great to be leading the way on this very important part of the supply chain.”

In addition, at this new lower cost and considering the high global price for sugar, there is a perfect opportunity for companies who consume large quantities of sugar to substantially reduce their overall sweetening costthough blending sugar with all natural, high purity, great tasting Reb-A. For example, when blending 33% high purity Reb- A with sugar in a typical beverage application, the result is an approximate 20% overall cost reduction with no detectable taste difference.

“We are very excited about achieving this pricing milestone as it brings us closer to our mission of changing the way the world sweetens food and beverages, naturally ™, by providing sweetener solutions that inspire happy, healthy living,” remarked Mike Quin, Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing for SGF.

About Sweet Green Fields

Sweet Green Fields LLC is one of the largest, privately held, fully integrated global stevia ingredient companies. The company integrates the scientific model in three key areas to create extraordinarily tasting naturally sweetened stevia products : Product Development & Formulation; Agriculture Research & Development, and Extraction & Supply Chain Excellence. With a vertically integrated stevia supply chain from seed to final sweetener, Sweet Green Fields LLC markets natural sweeteners globally to food and beverage companies, and provides formulation assistance, with the ability to adjust the sweetness level to the highest and minimalist degrees. Sweet Green Fields LLC has formulated reduced sugar applications in beverages, dairy, baking and confectionary. For more information visit

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