Bellingham, Wash. – November 28, 2011 – IMCD Benelux, part of the IMCD Group, and Sweet Green Fields LLC (SGF) have signed a partnership for the pan-European distribution of SGF’s line of stevia extracts. IMCD’s extensive knowledge of the European market and technical expertise proved to be a critical factor in the appointment. The deal follows the long awaited EU approval for the use of steviol glycosides as a non-calorific sweetener in the European market. The regulation was formally adopted on November 11 and will go into effect as of December 2, 2011. A leading supplier and US based stevia producer, SGF has a complete vertically integrated supply chain with dedicated stevia crops in North America.

“We use a natural process to extract the best tasting part of the stevia plant to yield nearly pure Rebaudioside-A,”  explains Sam Newberg, VP, Business Development Europe & North America at Sweet Green Fields. “Stevia extracts have all the sweetness of sugar; in fact stevia is 250-350 times as sweet, with none of the calories. Using our unique pure extraction technology, we’re able to bring out all the natural sweetness of the plant, rendering a 99% + pure Reb A, plus other high purity blends to meet market demand.”

Leon van Middegaal, European Product Manager at IMCD, adds, “IMCD is now the only distributor that covers the whole of Europe with a sustainable single source of stevia. The level of purity corresponds with the intensity of sweetness and with SGF’s RA 99 (minimum 99% Reb A) we can provide the purest form of stevia extracts that are available on the market. In other words, at a time when diabetes and child obesity are reaching all-time highs, we can offer new solutions for sweetening food and beverages.”

SGF and IMCD will focus on customer partnership, application know-how and market experience. IMCD’s synergetic product portfolio and network of food ingredient producers makes it a perfect partner to successfully bring stevia to European food companies.

Steviol glycosides or purified stevia extracts are derived from the stevia plant – a small shrub native to South America. Stevia is related to herbs and vegetables such as chamomile, tarragon, endive and lettuce. Stevia extracts can be used anywhere sugar is used: amongst other applications in confectionary, dairy, breakfast cereal.

The recent EU approval enables European consumers to finally follow those in Asia, South America and the United States in becoming acquainted with stevia. New products sweetened with stevia will become available in European supermarkets in such goods like yogurt, cereal, beverages, soft drinks, confectionary and chocolate. This will have an enormous impact on consumer choice in Europe, offering the public a healthy alternative to sugar.SGF stevia complies with kosher, halal, NSF, GMP, ISO, GRAS and HACCP requirements and it is GMO free.



About Sweet Green Fields

Sweet Green Fields LLC is one of the largest, privately held, fully integrated global stevia ingredient companies. The company integrates the scientific model in three key areas to create extraordinarily tasting naturally sweetened stevia products : Product Development & Formulation; Agriculture Research & Development, and Extraction & Supply Chain Excellence. With a vertically integrated stevia supply chain from seed to final sweetener, Sweet Green Fields LLC markets natural sweeteners globally to food and beverage companies, and provides formulation assistance, with the ability to adjust the sweetness level to the highest and minimalist degrees. Sweet Green Fields LLC has formulated reduced sugar applications in beverages, dairy, baking and confectionary. For more information visit

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