Our History

Stevia seedling illustration and crops in fieldSweet Green Fields history goes back to 1999 when founder Bill Francis and Sweet Aloha Farms started their work on stevia. Their original focus was on developing a patented method of extracting high purity Reb-A and breeding stevia plants with a far greater amount of Reb-A. With this technology established, in 2007 Sweet Green Fields was formed which brought Sweet Aloha Farms together with a group of Australian and New Zealand investors, who also hold interests in the Sanitarium Health and Wellness Company in that region. At the inception of Sweet Green Fields the focus turned to commercializing the stevia technology and selling our stevia products to the world.

On September 1st, 2015, Sweet Green Fields LLC and its supplier of seven years, Zhejiang Green World through EPC Natural Products have officially merged to create one of the world’s most innovative stevia companies. Now known as Sweet Green Fields Co., Ltd. and its wholly owned subsidiary, Sweet Green Fields USA LLC, the consolidation creates one of the largest, privately held, fully integrated stevia ingredient companies.

The new company’s primary focus is “Extraordinary Tasting stevia products” and as such has developed an exceptional new product portfolio which enables food and beverage companies to create consumer products without the bitter after-taste associated with most commonly used stevia extracts. With a wide patented product portfolio, SGF is well positioned to help its customers create extraordinary tasting, naturally sweetened products.

The new SGF allows for much greater economies of scale, increased research and development, a broader brand and intellectual property portfolio especially around RA and RD along with an increased global stevia crop footprint. The previous management team lead by CEO, Dean Francis are joined in this new structure by EPC scientific and supply chain experts to collectively create over 75 years of experience in this developing low calorie natural sweetener market.

On 16 March 2017, Sweet Green Fields announce that they have entered into an exclusive partnership to deliver innovative stevia ingredients and solutions to customers around the world. The partnership combines Tate & Lyle’s decades of sweetener expertise and global sales and distribution network, with Sweet Green Fields’ leading portfolio of stevia-based ingredients and supply chain. The exclusive distribution partnership begins on 3 April 2017. Leaders in stevia-based sweetening solutions come together to provide food and beverage manufacturers with innovative, label-friendly options to meet increasing global consumer demand.