March 15, 2016

When it comes to sourcing, Sweet Green Fields says it selects its stevia plant seeds from 400 varieties and controls the quality of the raw material at inception. “In terms of growing stevia, we are moving forward in areas such as Vietnam, Kenya, Europe and Brazil, not just China and the U.S.,” Francis says. “Last summer, we launched a breakthrough stevia product, Intesse, a proprietary, [Joint Expert Committee Report of Food Additives] (JECFA) compliant non-GMO blend of steviol glycosides.  »
November 24, 2015

“Since Reb D has improved taste compared with Reb A, it commonly delivers a cleaner taste when combined with other sweeteners and non-sweeteners,” says Francis. “We are currently using Reb D to remove the bitterness/after-taste found in other steviol glycosides.”

The new patent was issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). SGF says it now has patent rights in the United States,  »
June 23, 2014

Summary: Sweet Green Fields (SGF), the leading U.S. science-based, natural sweetener innovator, announced the creation of Natrose I™ natural flavor. With approval from the Flavor and Extract Manufacturers Association (FEMA), food and beverage companies focused on natural products can now use Natrose I to enhance flavor and improve taste and mouth-feel, while reducing overall sweetener cost. Under the management of Dr. Mel Jackson, SGF’s vice president of science,  »
March 14, 2014

As stevia and erythritol sweeteners grow in popularity, suppliers are looking at more ways they can bring cost-effective solutions to beverage manufacturers.  »!-Sweet-Green-Fields-launches-fully-compliant-organic-stevia-extracts-It-was-a-Herculean-task
January 17, 2014

Summary: It was a “Herculean task”, but the years spent developing the technology and protocols to comply with USDA organic regulations and produce commercially viable organic stevia crops have paid off, say bosses at Sweet Green Fields (SGF) after launching their first ‘fully compliant’ organic stevia product line.  »
January 2, 2013

Sweet Green Fields, a leading U.S. based global producer of stevia extracts, announced its plans to significantly expand its stevia crop in the Southeastern U.S. Based on the crop’s performance during the 2012 growing season, along with the support Sweet Green Fields has received following its introduction to the region, the company is committed to expanding its grower base and working with its partners to significantly bolster its supply of American-grown,  »
December 21, 2012

Summary: Sweet Green Fields (SGF) plans to significantly expand its stevia crop in Georgia and North Carolina in 2013 in a bid to bolster supplies of American-grown stevia extracts.  »
December 21, 2012

Summary: Offering one of the most extensive stevia crop science research portfolios with innovations in plant breeding, growing and harvesting, Sweet Green Fields achieves consistently high yields of sweetener per plant, with varieties yielding 80-90 percent of the desired steviol glycoside content, while maintaining quality standards with the lowest cost. 

Sweet Green Fields, the leading U.S. based global producer of stevia extracts,  »
December 20, 2012

BELLINGHAM, Wash.—Based on crop success during the 2012 season, Sweet Green Fields announced it will expand stevia crops in the southeastern U.S. for the 2013 planting season. The company is committed to expanding its grower base and working with their partners to boost its supply of American-grown, high-purity stevia extracts.

“We are extremely pleased with the performance of our 2012 crop and we are very excited about the aggressive growth plan we have in place for 2013,” said Hal Teegarden,  »