Innovation / Manufacturing excellence

SGF is a world leader in stevia manufacturing with state-of-the-art facilities staffed by a highly educated, trained and dedicated work-force. We offer extensive stevia extraction experience with manufacturing capacity to meet global demands. Many years of patented process experiences and innovation allow us to tap into science to make a product that is better both for you and the environment.

Integrated supply chain

SGF delivers unrivalled supply chain trust and transparency. Our customers are welcome to tour our crops and manufacturing sites to witness the validation of our operation. SGF is dedicated to the brand reputation of our customers, safety of our workers, communities and the environment. SGF goes the extra mile with quality, compliance and certification you can depend on.

Quality consistency

Dedication to product quality and consistency is core to SGF’s manufacturing principles. We help protect your brand by fully meeting regulatory obligations “beyond paperwork.” Our regulatory compliance experts provide unparalleled quality assurances to help customers minimize risk. We introduced the industry’s first “Triple Crown of Quality” with annual third-party audits from NSF, AIB and SQF. In addition, SGF has been audited and approved by many of the world’s largest food and beverage companies.


To ensure product consistency, SGF follows a rigorous positive release program designed to meet the highest standards of product expectations. As a founding member of the International Stevia Council (ISC), we participate in the Proficiency Testing Program (PTP) to confirm conformance. Our QA system was organized to be fully compliant with GMP, which together with NSF, AIB and SQF, were achieved at the highest level. Kosher, Halal, USDA Organic and Non-GMO certificates are duly renewed and verified prior to each certificate’s expiration date.

Cleaner process techniques

SGF achieved a processing breakthrough and invented a new process that can remove a step of flocculation. This innovation makes the whole process cleaner by reducing 30% use of water and aid.

Processing the full spectrum of active ingredients in stevia leaf

Our advanced process techniques allow us to produce a full spectrum of proprietary steviol glycosides compositions, flavors and other active ingredients from stevia leaf. We use these building blocks to create solutions that surpass the highest expectations for the taste of stevia-based sweeteners available in the market.


Sweet Green Fields Copyright Reserved.


Sweet Green Fields Copyright Reserved.