Innovation / Agricultural assets


Since 1999, Sweet Green Fields has been breeding and growing its own proprietary stevia varieties. We innovate from seed development to harvesting practices to ensure a sustainable, transparent and reliable supply chain that helps build consumer confidence in your brand.


Current SGF’s investment in stevia agriculture can be found in the regions of Asia, Southeast Asia, North America, Latin America and Africa. Recognized as the industry leader for stevia crops, we are proud to work with farmers, creating jobs and providing new opportunities for agricultural communities.

Sustainable field management

We have been expanding our global grower network along with our research partners' technologies to ensure supply chain security with a strong commitment to FAO GAP principles, to ensure sustainability and high-quality stevia supply to meet the demands of our customers. The Hawaii Agriculture Research Center (HARC) is one of our partners, with more than 100 years of experience growing sweeteners. This partnership allows SGF to utilize HARC world-class facilities, to constantly innovate new agricultural methods of growing high-quality stevia and to minimize the impact of our practices on the ecosystem. In collaboration with our farming partners, SGF has developed protocols from fertilization, irrigation, harvesting and drying methods with reasonable levels of mechanisms to increase efficiency and minimize waste.

Innovation in seedling

Careful propagation of stevia is critical to the survival of plantlets, and has a long-lasting impact on the quality of the mature plant. We have two plantlet plantation bases to ensure stable and sufficient production of healthy and strong seedlings. Agricultural techniques are employed to improve the performance of the plant, for instance, resistance to diseases, pests and water-logging.


Proprietary varieties and research

Our years of agricultural research have resulted in more than 50 breeding lines. Our proprietary germplasm inventory has formed a solid foundation for our stevia variety research program. The aim of this program is to optimize the biomass and yield of the stevia plant, thus increasing the extraction efficiency and affordability of our products.

Our latest germplasm research uses genetic sequencing technology to determine the molecular basis for the biological traits of a new breeding line. A tissue culture lab was established in 2018 to accelerate the breeding process and variety validation. All research is committed to Non-GMO to protect the naturalness of stevia and our products.


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Sweet Green Fields Copyright Reserved.