Food Science

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Sweet Science

Our team includes an extensive body of experts in providing a single source and in-depth knowledge base of our products to create customized taste solutions at a competitive price. stock-photo-20876348-stevia-rebaudiana-branchOur research lab focuses on stevia molecular modeling, processing technology and creating the best tasting stevia formulations. Sweet Green Fields serves as a pioneer in the extraction and refinement of high purity RA and we blend academia and proprietary research in organoleptic and molecular development with steviol glycosides to advance the sweetening industry. Through our Food Science Technology team’s research, we deliver superior taste solutions for stevia and stevia plus sugar blended products to help  our customers enhance a brand’s value ensuring great tasting, all natural and right calorie products are created for today’s consumer.

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From Field Science to Food Science

The team behind the quality sweeteners at SGF is no accident and evolved with careful deliberation for what our customers see as the best stevia supplier in the industry. Tell the story that starts with Dean and James, add in backgrounds and deep history in healthy foods from the bread business to Sanitarium. Next move to Hal and his bio in ag.  The transition to stevia from other crops Then Mel.  The British Researcher and transplant to Hawaii….More bio weaved in… Lastly Alex, creating healthy treats in the lab, More bio End with a focus on sales and marketing Vets who understand the scince of food science.