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Demand for coffee is continually growing across the world, especially in some countries where tea culture used to dominate. The sugar intake of a heavy coffee drinker could easily exceed the amount recommended by the WHO for an adult’s daily intake of free sugar. Though tabletop sweeteners made of artificial sweeteners have become popular low-caloric alternatives, natural solutions are still more appealing to health-conscious consumers. For manufacturers, the question would be how to choose natural ingredients to develop a tabletop sweetener that tastes great, dissolves fast and remain low-cost.


  • Low cost-in-use

    Natural stevia extracts or flavors do not necessarily increase the cost-in-use. Our Optimizer Stevia series is designed to appeal to tabletop sweetener manufacturers who use RA80-RA100. Manufacturers will be able to enjoy the benefits of cost-savings and great taste by using Optimizer Stevia series. 

  • High solubility

    The refined stevia extracts, for instance RA98 and RA99, taste better but have a lower solubility compared to crude extracts, making them difficult to be used in syrup and liquid concentrates. Omega Stevia and Intesse Stevia developed using our proprietary technology have solved this issue and reached up to 20% w/w solubility. Both products taste clean even at a concentration equal to 8 SEV.

  • Clean sweetness and balanced taste

    Stevia extracts have been the most preferred natural sweetener used in tabletop sweeteners. We offer a wide range of stevia products from crude extracts to premium extracts that outperform commodities like RA95 and RA97 - in both taste and cost. Moreover, our SteviAroma and ThauMagic flavors showed very high potential in balancing the sweetness and acidity of coffee, at the same time reducing bitterness and increasing mouthfeel.

  • Tabletop Sweetener Case Study Hot Tea Sweetened with Stevia

    Naturally sweetened 

    Healthy brand/product positioning 

    Zero calorie 

    Budget and profit maximization 


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