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Sauces and jams have never been the focus for sugar reduction as this food category is traditionally high in calories. Some sauces can contain a surprising amount of fat, sugar and salt. Consumers are now more than ever aware of the hidden sugar in some sauces and look for healthier options. In this category, sucralose plays some essential roles in fulfilling functions such as bulk, preservative and synergy with other ingredients. Sugar cannot be fully removed but it is still meaningful to create 30% to 50% sugar-reduced alternative sauces and jams to respond to market demands.


  • Improving flavor and taste

    Non-nutritive sweeteners could replace sweetness that is lost from sugar reduction; however, the overall taste, for instance, the mouthfeel and flavor, is not restored. Our newest invention SteviAroma and ThauMagic can reinstate the mouthfeel and enhance the flavors, allowing the low-caloric sauces and jams to taste as yummy as their heavy-caloric counterparts.

  • High solubility

    Imagining that from 30% to 50% sugar is replaced with a natural non-nutritive sweetener, stevia extracts, the minimum usage of steviol glycosides could be 400ppm considering sauces and jams are packed with sugar. Commodity stevia extracts would taste awful at such high concentrations. However, the ultra-refined RA products, for instance, RA99 and RA100, are literally not soluble enough for making syrup or liquid concentrates which could be an essential step to producing a sauce or jam. Our premium products Omega Stevia and Intesse® Stevia are highly soluble and deliver a clean taste without a bitter note even at a concentration as high as 400 to 500ppm.


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