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Dairy is a food category that consumers opt for daily. According to the International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA), the sale of dairy-foods gross more than US$125 billion per year. Some dairy products such as ice-cream, yogurt and flavored milk are potentially high in added sugar. With sugar intake reduction from all food being a priority for consumers and the F&B industry, demand for low-calorie dairy products is seen growing. However, substituting sugar in dairy is challenging as sugar plays a multi-functional role - affecting the sweetness, texture, aroma and color of the product, as well as acting as a fermentation substrate, for example, in yogurt. A review* by North Carolina State University and the US National Dairy Council indicated that the most successful techniques for sugar reduction in dairy foods involve replacing sugar with non-nutritive sweeteners. 

* Sugar reduction in dairy products by Journal of Dairy Science


  • Mouthfeel and taste modification

    SteviAroma and ThauMagic improve the holistic sensory performance of HIS by elevating the sweetness perception, supplying mouthfeel and modifying the flavor and aroma.

  • Flavor enhancement

    Intesse® Stevia X is a compound of stevia extract and flavor that can replace up to 10 Brix sugar in dairy products. It also has the function of enhancing the milky flavor in yogurt and other dairy applications. The other two product lines, SteviAroma and ThauMagic, are stevia-based natural flavors that offer a variety of flavors that excel in a dairy matrix.

  • Clean sweetness

    Stevia is one of the non-nutritive sweeteners that reduce the unwanted sugar in dairy foods that will taste the same as their higher-calorie counterparts. Our optimized steviol glycosides sweeteners produced by proprietary techniques can reduce up to 8 Brix of sugar in dairy foods without compromising taste.

  • Dairy Case Study 50% Sugar Reduced Non-fat Plain Yogurt

    Naturally sweetened 

    Clean sweetness and great taste 

    50% total sugar reduction 

    Enhanced creamy mouthfeel and flavor 


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