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Multiple consumer surveys showed that more and more consumers prefer to reduce their sugar consumption by drinking less of caloric beverages, especially carbonated soft drinks. However, a new survey* found that price and taste were even more important to consumers than the amount of sugar a product contained. Parents of young consumers also tended to have additional concerns on palatable sugar-reduced beverages, such as fat content, whether the product was all natural, and what type of sweetener was used.

* FONA International consumer survey


  • Good value for money

    Balancing cost and performance is our key criterion during product development. We optimize the cost-efficiency of our final product at each link of the supply chain - from planting the stevia leaf, through to the manufacturing processes. 

  • Dare to reach higher sugar reduction

    Higher sugar reduction level and better taste can go hand-in-hand. We help formulators advance further with sugar reduction and still maintain sugar-like taste profile, flavor profile and mouthfeel. Delivering a stevia-based sugar reduction solution with clean sweetness and no bitterness or off-flavor is our basic standard. 

  • Stay natural and clean on label

    We offer stevia sweeteners that are naturally extracted from the stevia leaf. A study on nutritional labels showed that a bigger number of consumers perceive stevia extracts more naturally appealing than steviol glycosides. Leaf-based flavors that enhance sweetness of sweeteners also make up for a good part of our product portfolio. These flavors can be used to boost incremental sweetness and thus lower sugar usage, while enabling formulators to keep a short ingredient list and reduce cost.  

  • Beverage Case Study 20% Sugar Reduced Cranberry Cherry Juice

    Cleaner, better-rounded taste

    Clean label

    20% less sugar and calories

    20%-30% lower cost-in-use

    Beverage Case Study 60% Sugar Reduced Apple Juice

    Natural origin positioning 

    Balanced sweetness and a well rounded taste profile 

    60% less sugar and calories 

    The same satisfactory flavor release without an aftertaste 


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