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An unique opportunity for food and beverage companies to secure high quality US Grown Stevia for their products.

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American grown value

For over two years, Sweet Green Fields has supplied key customers with our exclusive stevia extracts refined from our US grown crop. Customers responded that the value of quality assured stevia leaves, traceability and reduced risk in the age of heightened food safety issues are important.


  • US Grown – Our crop is produced in the Southeast, North Carolina and Georgia

  • Economic Development – Supporting the expansion of US agriculture into stevia

    • New rotational crop to expand agricultural diversity

    • Building a new revenue base

  • Quality Assurance – Improved traceability, assured quality and reduce risk of food safety concerns

  • Marketing Possibilities –  Ability to leverage a grown in the USA message for your brand, if applicable

Stevia mature botanica

How Does the Program Work?

  • Your SGF Representative and you determine how the US grown stevia may benefit your brand
  • Assess your SGF stevia extract needs for the 2014/2015 production year
  • Commit to the volume requirement for your product
  • Join SGF Select Fields League with a commitment
  • Invitation for account personnel and guest(s) to attend 2014 SGF Fall Stevia Tour and Summit

    (Participants can be internal employees or business guest such as distributor or other partner interested in “US Grown” message.)


  • Customer agrees to evaluate SGF as primary stevia supplier for existing needs
  • Customer agrees to evaluate the current SGF product line for fit with their current product need
  • Customer signs agreement for commitment
New US grown stevia with tractor

Sign Up Today and…

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  • Be among the first and leverage a growing trend of  Americans looking for “local”.  SGF is committed to US Agriculture.

  • Mitigate risk and concern

  • Increase quality assurance and cost/value relationship

  • Join SGF Select Fields League and increase your visibility on this important topic

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